Data processing

MDRM supports the entire process from data collection to distribution. While simultaneously safeguarding privacy and security in every step of the way.

Manual data collection

Next to our connectivity services, we provide manual data entry options. Our webforms are mainly used by practioners and researchers for clinical data entry and by patients for patient questionnaires as PROMs or PREMs. The webforms are accessible from any device and contain advanced validation techniques to ensure data quality.

Data integration

Information becomes more meaningful when different data streams are combined. MRDM has extensive experience in linking clinical data, patient reported data, and data on costs and medicine to each other. This enables a complete overview of the topic of interest.

Re-use of data

MRDM strongly supports the re-use of data to leverage the effect of data entries. Our platform is designed to use the same data for benchmarking, shared decision making, personalised medicine and research.


The data supplier, usually healthcare providers and patients, always have the right to access their own data. Sometimes, data suppliers want to send information to third parties. To benchmarking programs to learn from best practices, for example. To life sciences for research purposes. Or to payers, governments and patients as part of transparency programs on quality of care.

MRDM provides advanced authorization techniques so that data suppliers are always in the lead on which information is sent to whom. MRDM will never distribute data or information without being explicitly told to do so by the data supplier.

MRDM performs all ICT services, data management and information distribution of Transparantieportaal Zorg.

Trusted Third Party services

Clinical trials, efficacy studies, benchmarking programmes, value-based healthcare teams, payers and institutes, just to name a few, benefit from real-world information. The more we know about personalised medicine, the harder it will be to collect significant amounts of data from study cohorts and to motivate professionals to submit data and think about whom to include or not. The new normal is that information is continually extracted from regular processes in a real-world setting. MRDM performs Trusted Third Party services to allow for research on real-world information, whilst complying to privacy & security regulations.

Track & Trace services

If a recall on an implant or a specific patient group is needed, this should raise as little unnecessary concern as possible. MRDM follows the entire process from manufacturer to implant removal or the passing of the patient. We inform providers if and which individual patients should be informed. We execute the national implant register on multiple implant types on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Secure data hub

Sometimes you want to compare data and information across institutions or across regional-, state or national borders. Local privacy regulations may forbid exchange of data beyond a geographical territory. MRDM offers secure data hubs which allow users to compare information in a uniform manner, but simultaneously complies to the privacy restrictions in place.

Privacy & security measures

Do you want to know more about our privacy & security measures? Go to the page 'How we work'.

How we work