What we do and why

What is happening in healthcare?

Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex. We demand more and longer healthcare. Due to ageing, lifestyle diseases and innovations that turned previously lethal conditions into chronic illnesses.

We also demand more complex healthcare, because patients are unique. They are empowered to share their personal preferences. And thanks to personalised medicine, we know in increasing detail which patient profiles fit which medical treatment or treatment combinations best.

These developments contribute to rising healthcare expenditure. We need to find a balance that keeps costs manageable, while simultaneously increasing quality of medical care and quality of life.

Decisions need to be made. By everyone in healthcare: consumers, providers, payers, governments and life sciences. We need information to make those decisions. And we need data that can be turned into that information.

But who owns the data? What can be done with the data? How is privacy of patients safeguarded?

Trusted partner in medical data

We are experts in the field of data security & privacy, extracting, linking and processing patient identifiable medical data from healthcare institutions and data suppliers.

MRDM offers connectivity services, data processing and data verification services from a unified platform.

MRDM processes patient identifying medical data to create information sets that support benchmarking of costs and healthcare quality, decision support and personalised medicine.

We are active in care, cure and dental health. We service all hospitals, insurance companies and the government in the Netherlands on in over 25 medical conditions.

Similarly, we work with hospitals, life sciences & research institutes in France and opened an office in Sweden.

We also work for patient associations, dental practices, mental health institutes, medical associations, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, collaborative health networks, medical specialists, boards of directors, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.

We only collect, process and distribute data when the data suppliers order us to do so and within privacy and security regulation boundaries. In doing so, we are independent, reliable and pragmatic.

Our validated and secure data management platform is NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified.