Trusted Partner in Medical data

Medical data is privacy sensitive and needs to be handled as such. MRDM processes medical data on behalf of organisations in healthcare.


We extract data from existing activities and routines as much as possible. You continue working as usual, while we make medical data work for you.

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Data quality

You want to discuss results, without questioning their reliability. We ensure high data quality through sophisticated validation techniques and verification services.

Data quality

Data management

We promote smart use of data. We collect and re-use medical data on your behalf. And turn data into information. What do you want to know?

How we work

Trusted Partner

MRDM, as a Trusted Third Party, is authorised to collect, process and distribute individual patient-identifiable medical data and information. We only perform these services when the data suppliers order us to do so, within privacy and security regulation boundaries.

  • Data security

    We deploy security by design. Our platform and information security office monitors security procedures in-depth.

  • Certification

    Our validated and secure data management platform is NEN7510 and ISO27001 certified. We comply to GDPR.

  • Transparency

    You are in control on whether you want to share results with others, or make them public. We enable you to do so reliably and safely and we never do this independently by ourselves.

  • Privacy

    We deploy privacy by design by default. We work on behalf of data suppliers, support mixed user authorization levels and we respect the consents of those involved.


We are active in the field of care, cure and dental health. We service all hospitals, insurance companies and the Dutch government. We perform services on over 25 medical conditions. We process clinical data, patient reported data, costs data and data on medication prescriptions/delivery. We do this for purposes of (national) benchmarking, Trusted Third Party services to use real-world evidence for research, phased and strictly governed transparency of results and track & trace of implants. Similarly, we work with hospitals, life sciences & research institutes in France and opened an office in Sweden.

We also work for patient associations, dental practices, mental health institutes, medical associations, life sciences, research institutes, collaborative health networks, medical specialists, boards of directors, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.

How we work

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